Family Services’ Residential Treatment Program is housed at the Billie Kress Center for Youth Development in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin.

Residential Treatment Program

Family Services' Residential Treatment Program is an intensive live-in treatment program designed to assist the most unstable and troublesome youth in our communities. Children come to our facility for a number of reasons and under a number of circumstances, but our goal remains the same for all: To do whatever it takes to help the child and family be successful upon the child’s return to the community. We pride ourselves in being creative and flexible in our service delivery, placing customer needs at the center of everything we do.


All services are provided in our state-of-the-art facility that was designed and built specifically to meet the needs of our children. The building features 18 private rooms and two double rooms. Each child’s room has a private bath with shower. Also available are two on-site classrooms, two comfortable group/family counseling rooms, a full-service kitchen with dining area, and both indoor and outdoor recreation areas. Our facility and intensive staffing patterns ensure a safe and pleasant environment for our children.


Who we serve

We are licensed to serve up to 22 children, both male and female, between the ages of 10 and 17 years. We serve children with serious mental health, emotional, behavioral, and academic problems as well as those with multiple diagnoses, AODA problems, physical and sexual victimization issues, sexual offenders, and children with delinquent behaviors. We are also licensed to serve Type 2 correctional children.


Our philosophy

At Family Services, we understand that every child is unique. With this in mind, it is our practice to always take an individualized approach to delivery of treatment services. Our experienced, multi-disciplinary staff provides comprehensive, needs-based assessments and collaborates with families and referents to develop a customized care plan. We believe it is our needs-driven and family-focused approach that sets us apart from other residential programs and drives our high rate of success.


We also place a great emphasis on aftercare, believing it a crucial component to a child’s long-term success. We begin aftercare planning the moment a child enters treatment, developing a community-based plan that incorporates a wide range of local services. These services are often coordinated within Family Services’ system ensuring a smooth and secure transition to community-based care.


Our outcomes

We measure our success based on our ability to get kids back into a less restrictive setting as quickly and smoothly as possible. We have developed a reputation for being successful even with the most challenging kids. On average, more than 90% of the kids we serve are able to return successfully to their homes, schools, and other community settings.


Referral Process

Contact Heidi Williams, Care Coordination Supervisor, at 920-330-0339 ext. 105 to begin the referral process. A decision to admit a child can usually be made within one week of the referral.


Unique      Creative      Successful

Meeting the Needs of Kids & Families


Family Services' Residential Treatment Program is State of Wisconsin Certified
for Residential Treatment, Mental Health, AODA (Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse),
and Crisis Intervention Services.



Serves primarily Wisconsin residents

3430 Spirit Way, Ashwaubenon

Care Coordination Supervisor: Heidi Williams, email or call 920-330-0339 ext. 105

Division Director: Dawn Van Laanen, email or call 920-436-4360 ext. 1391




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