Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) of Family Services was established in 1987 to provide limited-term, in-school staff to meet the needs of students and their families as well as school staff and administrators.


SAP staff are contracted as limited employees who are available to perform a variety of school-related functions such as:

  • In-school, student-centered support and advising

  • Including, but not limited to, individual time with students and facilitation/co-facilitation of group time and education.

  • Screening & Referral Services

  • For the purpose of intervention in family and/or individual problems, which affect a student's ability to perform in a school setting.

  • Education

  • Programs and in-service related to appropriate areas of concern to the school staff, parents and students.

  • Consultation

  • Student Assistance will be available to meet with staff, parents and students to review the needs of the student body in general, or of a specific student or group.

  • Other Responsibilities as Determined

  • i.e: Problem resolution, substance abuse, family systems and stresses affecting school performance.


Staff of the Student Assistance Program are contracted in both public and private schools. Our team is experienced in working with today's youth and is supervised by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. The SAP team is part of Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin, the most comprehensive and integrated human services organization in the region with access to unmatched resources and expertise.


The Student Assistance Program is a cost-effective means of delivering a comprehensive array of programming. Each school determines the amount of time SAP staff is to be involved and the level and/or type of services to be delivered, based on their current needs.



Greater Green Bay Area

300 Crooks St, Green Bay

Program Director: Dawn Van Laanen, email or call 920-436-4360 ext. 1391

Program Coordinator: Cassandra Kubiak, email or call 920-437-5079




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